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Which are the Top JavaScript Frameworks?

The technology industry is growing rapidly every year. Several trends are arising based on their popularity and their integrity. A technological trend that emerged a year ago does not even endure this year. Hence it is essential to recognize the industry trends. In this blog we will be analysing the top JavaScript Frameworks in the current scenario.

The objective of this feature is not to recommend more beneficial frameworks or libraries. Rather, a glance at their history, contemporary situation, and future so that we could make efficient choices for future projects. Also, most of these may be with us for the subsequent few years.


Google launched Angular four years ago. But, it had its antecedent AngularJS, introduced a decade ago. Earlier, the prevalence of React drove the Angular backward. But, Angular has found its place to grow a proven and credible enterprise-grade framework. In current situation, many businesses hire angular developers in India for cost effective angular development solutions.
There are many reasons for its popularity for positioning it among the top JavaScript Frameworks . Some features and specialties include-

  • Angular has a large ecosystem that has been supported for over 10 years.
  • Angular has a collection of tools.
  • Clean coding structure and code stability allow for high-class code generation.
  • Documentation is excellent.
  • Documentation and its libraries provide great support to developers
  • Angular builds community support.

By comparing the angular with the react, we can note that the angular downloads did not develop much. The saturation level of downloads has approached the last couple of years.


It was in 2011 that the React.js open source front-end library was developed by a unit in Facebook. It has been around for a decade and can be considered as one of the most familiar front-end libraries. In 2013, it matched open source.
Single-page applications were greatly affected and front-end development was influenced by the component-based reactive programming by React.

Due to its distinct features React got more popularity and considered anong the top JavaScript Frameworks These feature are –

  • React preceded a component-based rendering mode where components do not need to be reloaded except there is a shift in the information on a page. React gives the capacity to re-render only components that have acquired new data.
  • It contributes great server-side rendering and superior SEO support.
  • The concern is developing new features for react as we speak, react fiber for better concordance, hooks for handling functional components with lower boilerplate code, suspense response for better rendering, and more.
  • Once you become an expert in React, you can use it not only for web applications but also for mobile applications (respond locally).

Moreover, various additional characteristics make React.js one of the mass libraries today. NPM trends confirm this point. If we look at the trend of React over the last 5 years as opposed to any other frameworks, React Js has ruled the front-end frameworks in courses of downloads for the last 5-6 years. In the matter of stack Overflow trends, React.js supersedes Overrides other popular frameworks.
We can use it to increase code reuse, cooperate with free components, and develop scalable applications.


Vue.js was generated by Evan You connecting the good features of the AngularJS view layer with the good characteristics of React Virtual DOM. In the past, Evan You worked in Google. Vue.js is considered in the top JavaScript Frameworks. This is one of the simplest front-end frameworks to study, and software developers can perform SPAs very suitably with Vue.js. For this reason, it is very prevalent amongst developers.
The popularity of Vue.js is apparent in the number of points that the repository has obtained on GitHub as opposed to different frameworks.
As per the statistics on NPM trends, Vue has more points than React. This shows that Vue.js is a very popular framework these days.

The remarkable characteristics of Vue.js quickly led to its popularity. Some of them,

  • VueJs affords progressive advanced web application development.
  • Vue.js allows two-way data binding like AngularJS and Virtual DOM and React-like event sourcing.
  • JavaScript and Typescript have even support.

The reputation of the Vue has grown over the past years.

Other Frameworks

React, Vue, and Angular remain in the Top JavaScript Frameworks , various other imminent trendy frameworks are listed –


Increases developer productivity. Ember.js is a popular JavaScript framework for building advanced web applications. It is a fully-featured framework that permits developers to concentrate more on building unprecedented peculiarities. This will increase the productivity of a developer as it eludes writing tiresome code. It has become popular over the last couple of years, and many leading companies are using this framework in their products. Netflix and LinkedIn are good examples of this.


Svelte.js has been very popular for the last months. It is a JavaScript framework based on an open-source component coded in TypeScript. Svelte was released four years back and has been rising in popularity in the developer community always as.


Developers are often used by developers who are interested in developing live applications. It is considered as a full-stacked clarification for producing and extending web applications.


Aurelia is estimated to be the newest version of JavaScript, letting you execute any interface. It can expand HTML for several ideas.


Polymer is an open source library that permits you to build components for a website outwardly moving overboard. Polymer Upholds one-way and two-way data binding. The polymer was developed by Google.


Mitril is the UI JavaScript framework applied to generate SPAs. It implements routing and XHR utilities in a great way, and is quick and easy to perform.


Every JavaScript library and framework we discussed here possess a high potential for vital growth in the future. So, beginning with these will provide your JavaScript profession with an attached power.

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