Why You Should Not Consider On-Site Mix Concrete?

When there is a construction project, then the manager has to decide on the type of concrete. That’s why there are many options, such as ready-mix concrete, on-site mix concrete, and more. So, what to choose and what will be the best option. It will be a topic for another article.

Here you will know why should not choose site mix concrete. You will know all reasons. So, keep reading further. It will educate you as well as amuse you.

Let’s dive into the detail!

Mixed and Low-quality 

Site mix concrete is made on the site with the help of day laborers. That’s why you have to prepare it every time with gravel, sand, and cement. During this process, you cannot ensure the consistent quality of concrete. Sometimes you will have a greater mix of sand and gravel. Other times, you will have greater proportions of cement. Moreover, the crew can also change composition due to human errors. That’s why you will never get consistent strength of concrete in all places. So, if you want uniform strength of construction, then you must not choose on-site mix concrete.


When you order a premix concrete, then the loading truck comes and provides you with concrete where you want, and when you want. On the other hand, for site mix concrete, you will have to order suppliers for gravel, sand, and cement. After that, you will have to hire labor for mixing them that will also include the unloading of the material. Then, after using your concrete you can be left with extra material that will produce more wastage. During this process, you will have to pay for extra labor that will be a burden on the budget. This way, your cost will go higher.

More construction time

When you have premix concrete, then you will never have to spend time arranging materials, mixing them, and using them. You will only need to call the supplier and you will have your concrete. On the other hand, site mix concrete will take your time that will make your project longer. If you finish a project in 10 days with site mix concrete, then with premix concrete, you can finish it in 7 days.

Extra labor cost

Premix concrete requires minimum labor. You will only need a few persons to finish the job. On the other hand, site mix concrete requires extra labor that increases the overall cost of the project. If you want to spend a minimum on labor costs, then never choose on-site mix concrete. It will always cost you more than other options.

Need to buy concrete?

Concrete Suppliers can provide you with every kind of concrete with your desired strength. You can ask to deliver at odd hours with labor. Explore other pages for more detail. Have a great day, and work for your success.


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