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8 Marketing Tactics to Include in Your Marketing Plan in 2021!

2020 changed the way digital marketing helped businesses achieve their goals. With startups and enterprises dependent on the internet now more than ever, understanding how marketing tactics help in achieving business objectives is imperative. If you want to pull off a successful marketing campaign, test out a few marketing tactics. We promise it does wonders. 

List of 8 Marketing Tactics

With that said, you must also choose the most suitable tactic depending on your budget, goal, and target audience, for your strategy to work. We’ve come up with 8 tactics that can transform your marketing strategy. Let’s check them out.

  • Market your content religiously

Do you regularly share your blogs, articles, videos, and podcasts on your social media? If not, it’s time you start doing so. Creating content is one thing, but sharing it with your followers is what’s going to get you recognition. Content marketing is much more difficult and challenging than content creation however, it’s an essential part of digital marketing that must not be overlooked. 

You can share your content through social media, discussion forums, email newsletters, a word-of-mouth approach, and paid ads. However, content is made in different types so sticking to a particular distribution method doesn’t make sense. 

Use paid ads when you have money to spare and you’ve made content valuable enough for your business. Use a word-of-mouth approach via influencers when you believe you have something of their interest. Either way, just share your content regularly – yet sensibly. 

  • Repurpose your content

Content comes in many forms. So why not repurpose your video into a micro-blog post and vice versa? Or turn your articles into social media posts. Either way, gaining organic traffic via repurposed content is easier than ever. People consume content in multiple forms. Sometimes, a simple one-liner tweet can do what a 1500 words article can’t. It depends on the relevancy of your content and who you’re marketing to.

Apart from repurposing your content, you can entirely refresh it and re-claim your ranks on Google’s result page. Keep updating your old articles to maintain relevancy and republish them with a new date. 

  • Featured Snippets are your best friends

What are featured snippets? They are small blocks of information that appear on top of the search results page of Google. This small block displays the answer to your search query by picking relevant pieces of information from high-ranking pages. They act as a shortcut to the top rank. Your website can rank on #5 one day and jump to #1 the next if your content seems suitable to Google for a featured snippet.

Optimize your content according to what featured snippets currently display. Include those keywords in your content and compare your content with others. Although optimizing for featured snippets isn’t easy, but aligning your content might just do the trick and do you know one important think Avast drive updater keys list here

  • Boost rankings by optimizing internal links

Internal links are hyperlinks that link one page to another on the same website. Using more internal links helps your business rank high because it increases page-level authority and relevance to Google. Using relevant internal links throughout your content helps Google understand the authority of your webpage and what it’s about. 

Make the most out of your SEO efforts by linking relevant web pages together. Also, keep updating your internal links whenever and wherever you can when republishing or repurposing content. This helps your business rank better on SERPs. 

  • Use dynamic CTAs

When writing blog content, use CTAs (Call to action) buttons throughout to boost lead conversion. You can go with standard CTAs that lead the user to another web page or asset, or you can switch it up with dynamic CTAs and personalize the offer based on user behavior, profile, buyer’s journey, interactions, and interests. 

Dynamic CTAs adjust themselves to offer a more personalized user experience. Focus on the buyer persona and journey and promote different offers, or retarget users on different web pages and interest them into a better offer. Personalize dynamic CTAs and push the consumer to the decision stage. 

  • Always choose authentic publications for guest posting

Guest posts are blogs that you create for another website. Guest posting has 3 main goals:

  • To build credibility
  • To rank higher
  • To boost referral traffic

While you do not have full rights over your content, achieving these 3 goals is worth the effort. Finding well-researched and authentic publications to write guest posts for is important. When users come across an authentic site that answers their search query, they’re more likely to trust the information shared and re-visit again for other queries. 

  • Reward your customers

Offer your customers special discounts, promo deals, and gifts and make them feel special all year round. Reward them exclusively with offers only they have access to. Not only will it boost customer engagement, but it also maintains customer retention and pushes potential customers to purchase from you. 

By offering a discount on your products or services to celebrate your customer’s 1 year anniversary with your brand is a fine example of maintaining customer loyalty.

  • Use Live chat to convert traffic

In case a user wants to ask a query while browsing your site, they can use the live chat option to get an immediate answer to their query. Stay connected with your customers and be available to solve their queries quickly with a high-speed internet such as Windstream Kinetic. Fixing their problems in real-time is an effective way of improving customer experience. But solving problems is not the only thing you can do via live chat. 

Gather data like user messages, comments, pain points, concerns, complaints, and much more and use it to enhance customer experience. 

For instance, some users may be confused about navigating your website, while others may have an issue at the checkout. Live chat data gives you the chance to fix a problem in real-time. In return, you’re boosting referral traffic, increasing lead conversions, and upholding brand reputation.

Consider Enrolling in a Digital Marketing Internship:

Just like most internship programs, many individuals opt for them to avail themselves the opportunity of being a part of a professional environment that helps them work harder towards their end goal.

Internships are usually challenging, but if you’re among the right team of marketers, you’ll have the ability to learn from their professional mistakes and their successes. 

Not only will a digital marketing internship help build your portfolio, but will also let you understand what you’re looking for in a work environment. Of course, you can still choose to learn different aspects of digital marketing all by yourself.

However, a digital marketing internship will put you in the practical work of digital marketing and all the struggles digital marketers face. A real-life experience will allow you to learn much more as compared to reading it online.

Here’s the good news: it isn’t hard to stay updated with the digital marketing industry. In fact, there are several excellent podcasts on such subjects and digital marketing websites. You can get well-researched advice and pieces from these sources. Whether you tune into a podcast every day or subscribe to digital marketing publications, you will benefit either way.

Wrapping it up

Whichever marketing tactic you choose to include in your plan, make sure it’s the right one for the strategy being executed. The last thing you want to do is waste money and time using random tactics. To run a successful marketing campaign, make sure to your ROI-driven marketing tactics in your plan. 

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