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Learn makeup from scratch

Learn make-up from scratch. A super detailed introduction to make-up tutorial. Learn make-up with zero basics. If you don’t know how to make-up, then you are Out. Makeup is not a tool to please others, but a magic weapon to beautify yourself. Next, Shanghai Huiyi Makeup School will share the super detailed makeup introduction course for everyone.


  • Mirror: A large double-sided mirror with good texture. One side is normal ratio for normal makeup, and the other side is enlarged ratio for eyebrow trimming and skin condition checking.
  • Paper towels and cotton swabs: used to wipe improperly painted cosmetics.
  • Pencil sharpener: used to sharpen eyeliner and lip liner, the holes are divided into thickness.
  • Tweezers or eyebrow pliers: used to pull out irregular eyebrows, you have to trim them once a week or so
  • Make-up sponge and cotton swab: Apply the foundation cream with a make-up sponge to make it look even and transparent. The cotton swab has two ends and four sides, which are specially used to apply eye shadow. Do not mix the colors of the eye shadow.
  • Eyebrow brush: Brush the drawn eyebrows with the eyebrow brush to make the eyebrows look more natural.
  • Paint: Used to brush makeup powder or eye shadow powder.
  • Lipstick brush: suitable for heavy makeup, professional makeup artists like to use it, most people will find it difficult and troublesome to master.

Learn makeup from scratch

  • Rouge brush: It is included in the general makeup box.
  • Eyelash comb and eyebrow comb: This is a small two-sided brush, the denser side is the eyelash brush, and the slightly sparse side is the eyebrow brush.
  • Nail clippers and nail files: used to trim nails, especially women who like to apply nail polish should be equipped.
  • Small scissors: used to trim hair and eyebrows.
  • Eyelash curler: Some people’s eyelashes look thick and long, slightly upturned, this is the result of using the eyelash curler. Of course, if your eyelashes are short and sparse, what you need is not an eyelash curler, but mascara.
  • Cotton block: It is essential to remove makeup because the only cotton is the softest and does not harm the skin.
  • Cosmetic bag and makeup tray: There is a makeup tray at home, which displays cosmetics in an orderly manner, which is convenient and beautiful and can avoid damage to the makeup tools; prepare a small cosmetic bag when you go out to make you beautiful all the time.


Before putting on makeup, you must clean your face first, then put on skin care products, and if it is daytime, put on sunscreen at the end. But beauties should be careful, skin care products should not be too greasy, otherwise it will affect the adherence and durability of the foundation.


The weather in the south is hot and humid. If there is no special need, liquid foundation is the best choice. Regardless of the brand of foundation, remember to try it out and rub it on your face, and then go outside to see if there is any color difference. If it is the same as your original skin tone, choose the right color. After that, look at the suitability and hiding power of the foundation, and finally choose the bottle that suits you best. Never miss NHS ASOS Discount Code and ASOS discount code at NHS Discount

Before applying the foundation, remember to shake it first to avoid the problem of oil-water separation or precipitation. You can squeeze the liquid foundation on your hands first, and then apply the liquid foundation to your face with your fingers for five points, and then use the middle and ring fingers of both hands. , Push the foundation on the face evenly. You can also use a sponge, and then apply a layer of liquid foundation.

This will have better durability and covering power. Pay special attention to whether the corners of the eyes, nose and hairline are evenly pushed. If there is obvious uneven skin tone on the face, such as dark circles, acne, and freckles, you can cover it with spot masking cream.

Loose powder

Use the powder puff to lightly dip the powder, first gently push on your hands, or rub each other with the powder puff, and then press slowly from the cheeks to the forehead, and surely press the powder on the foundation That’s it.

Eye shadow

If it is a general powdery eyeshadow (cake), first apply a small amount of eyeshadow with an eyeshadow brush, paint on the eye sockets, and then apply the eyeshadow layer by layer to create a gradation. If it is a liquid or cream eye shadow, first apply the eye shadow cream to the center of the eye fold with your hands, and then push the eye shadow cream radially away and push it evenly. Because most of the eyes of Asians are more puffy, it is recommended to use light eyeshadow sparingly. If you want to use it, try to paint on the eye creases, and then use dark skin color or light brown eyeshadow to draw the eye sockets. limit.


Generally, black eyeliner is the main one. When drawing, raise the eyelids, from the tip of the eye to the end of the eye, from thin to thick, and then lift it up slightly at the end of the eye (for those with crested eyes, draw flat), It can make the eyes more energetic. It should be noted that the closer the eyeliner is to the eyelashes, the more natural it is. If the size of the eyes is uneven, the thickness of the eyeliner can also be adjusted. Use Amazon Promo Code NHS


Oriental eyelashes are not as thick and curly as Westerners, so you have to use an eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes in two or three sections, and then apply mascara. When applying mascara, put the brush into the bottom of the container and turn it slightly (do not twitch it up and down greatly to prevent the mascara from drying out), then put the excess mascara on the top back into the container, then look down Hold the mascara brush horizontally, in a Z-shape from top to bottom, from bottom to top, and apply the mascara evenly from the root to the tail. The method is to take the mascara vertically, move it left and right, and apply the mascara on the lower eyelashes. Boden promo code 25 off  and Foot Locker UK discount code 

6 Blush

Blush is used to brighten or emphasize the cheekbones and modify the complexion. The correct painting method can make the complexion rosy and healthy. The blush painting method, in the case of powder blush, is about 45 degrees from the cheekbones to the upper circumference of the ears, and the range is about the intersection of the straight line around the eyeball and the straight line under the nose. The amount of blush should be small, and it is less likely to fail if you brush it a few more times. eBay UK Discount Code at NHS Discount Code

If there is too much blush, you can use powder to reconcile it. There are also cream and liquid blushes, which can be applied to your face with your fingers, and then pushed evenly with your hands or sponge. The point is to apply it after the foundation and before the powder. Although it is not easy to remove makeup, it is more difficult.

7 Lipstick

Lipstick is an important part of makeup, but it is not easy to draw the perfect lip shape and lip color. When applying foundation, you must use a small amount of foundation to cover the lip line, and then you can draw a clearer lip shape. After choosing the color, apply the lip brush to the lipstick (dip thicker). From the peak of the lip, apply the lip brush to the lip and draw the lip line. Finally, apply the lip all over, or use the lip Use a pencil to draw the lip line, and then use the lipstick to fill it up, but I don’t recommend this method, because when the lipstick is dropped, it will leave a ring of the unsightly lip line.

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