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Best Real Estate Opportunities to Invest in Dubai

Best Investment Opportunities

Even during a global pandemic, the market shows trends that can be used in one’s favor. Stay at home investors can make the most of the upheavals in the market because of various opening opportunities. For the rest of the world, the aftermath and results are difficult to anticipate as everything’s drastically changing. However, the same can’t be said for Dubai as the region is the most stable and opportunities to invest are better. Amidst the corona crisis, Dubai and the UAE manage to be the most secure and safe area.

Real Estate Investment in Dubai

Looking at the history of investments in Dubai, it is plausible to say that the returns are sure to be good. Even Knight Frank and Douglas Elliman have reviewed Dubai and presented their findings for the world. Their research shows a 23% increase in the second year and a 73% increase in second years of investment. That means that any property bought in 2010 for 1 million will be valued at 1.63 million by the second quarter of 2014. Needless to say, this trend is unique for its kind as it is unmatched even in Hong Kong, New York, and London.

As the economic situation closes stabilization, the declining real estate prices are expected to rise. This calls for a remarkable opportunity for all those who have interests in the area to invest in future ROI. As it is one of the most lucrative opportunities to invest, you can be sure that you’ll be playing with all the big players if you buy property for sale in Dubai.

The region has always excelled in the real estate market and 2020 will be no different. That is not just limited to a smart and luxurious living but to invest as well. Major developers are working on projects to make thousands of apartments, villas, townhouses, and shops for sale in Dubai. Here are a couple of areas that are considered most popular Opportunities to invest:

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is going to be one of the most important places in the world in terms of investment opportunities. Developers are working on a lot of hospitality and large-scale developments, particularly in Palm Jumeirah. Some of the most notable ones include the Royal Atlantis, Palm Beach Residencies, Raffles projects. If you ask an expert, you’ll find that Palm Jumeirah offers an average ROI of 3.71. You can buy any property from single bedroom apartments and studios to villas and penthouses.

Arabian Ranches

This is the most notable place for villas when it comes to Dubai. The development offers everything the modern world has to offer even though it is desert-themed. You will have every landmark of the Emirate in sight because the area of the Ranches is spanning over 1650 acres of land. The Arabian Ranches are significant in terms of real estate investment opportunities.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina happened to be the most searched area for property in 2019. The number is expected to rise exponentially this year following the developments of the Expo 2020. It’s unsure if this is because of its locality being near to Dubai Media Center and Dubai Internet City or the rental prices. But whatever it is, certainly makes Dubai Marina the center of attention for everyone. Real estate experts are not expecting the demand to slow down any time soon.

Jumeirah Village Circles

This location had the rank for the 2nd highest move-in rates in Dubai. A 20-minute drive away from Al Maktoum International Airport, the JVC has a lot more projects coming for the Expo 2020. According to an estimate, you can choose to buy from a total of 2000 villas and townhouses. Some of the highest credible rental return rates have been noted for the JVC.

Other Investment Opportunities

Real estate is one of the key things you should be considering. But if you’re an investor with a mind for something else, try using the time and space to your advantage. Investing in some key locations and companies this year alone can prove very profitable. You can take a look at the following options to consider for investment:

Dubai Sports City

Dubai Sports City is the center of sports in Dubai. The territory hosts golfing, cricket, swimming and rugby academies. This means a lot of different sporting events and gigs to target especially in the wake of the Expo 2020. The pavilion of the Expo 2020 is only 15 minutes away from the Sports City.

Barsha Heights (TECOM)

If you think you don’t know Barsha Heights, you will want to now. Some of the companies affiliated with Barsha are BBC, Microsoft, HP, CNN, Reuters, CNBC and a lot more. This sort of investment requires a little more capital than any other but again, you’ll be swimming with the big whales. And it is difficult to say if there’s a chance for loss.

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