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Capital Smart City Islamabad | 1st Smart City In Pakistan

Capital Smart City Islamabad

Islamabad is the First modern developing city of the country. After discovering that Karachi was not suitable as a capital so that the committee selected this city in 1959. It was built in 1961 to combine traditional Islamic architecture with modern designs and requirements. World-renowned brands in the field of urban planning and architecture, such as Konstantínos Doxiádes, Edward Durell Stone whom are the Greek architecture and Gio Ponti, are deeply involved in the city’s development.

Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City IslamabadCapital Smart City Islamabad is 1st smart city in Pakistan which makes Islamabad more modernly developed than before.

Smart city goal

“The goal of Smart City is the growth of economy and improve the standards of living  in order to promote development in community and technology, especially because technology is interested in better outcomes.”

Dream life style

At any time, you think about a smart city, it is a dream of anyone. Because in these days’ people need to spend an easiest lifestyle. That will be possible with the transformation of normal life to smart life style. The development of Capital Smart City Islamabad is completely transform normal life to Smart life style because all of it full of technology. Today technology is the most powerful tool. And now these days everyone wants new life which must be full of technology because its changed human lifestyles, so that a smart city; where technology can be seen once and for all. “Big change in life”.

The owners & Developers OF (CSCI)

There is going discuss to some interdiction about owners and developers of the Capital of Smart City of Islamabad.

About HRL

One of the most famous person in development sector of Pakistan is Habib Rafiq who is the well renowned housing societies ‘business man. He developed on his different successful real estate projects. In the past few decades, HRL has effectively handled a number of engineering projects and construction work. It has obtained ISO 9000 certification through its high-quality services. The name HRL reflects professionalism, quality, trust and honesty. So this company decided to work on this project for make more modern city.

 About FDH

The other company which is going to work on this housing project is Future Development Holdings (Pvt.) the FDH is also well known in Pakistan real estate development and asset management. The company is a multidisciplinary global company. FDH is one of the leading designers in the country and is a resource organized by the Government of Pakistan.

About SJ

The third party of its project is SJ (SURBANA JURONG) which is also a famous business man who have trust to build better homes. It is one of the most well-known consulting companies with the largest foundation, advising firm design in Asia. It employs a group of 16,000 people based in Singapore worldwide. It has more than 120 offices that provide specialized services to fashion designers, engineers, designers, architects and more. Building a home with a smart capital is key to making a positive impact on society.

Developing plan

The process of development of Capital Smart City start many years before but officially it lunches on 6 of October in 2019. After declaration of announcement the developing process going to be more fast now in 2020 the companies worked faster than before. It is a huge real estate project. Which Following the buyer’s motto, it is the first Pakistani smart city in the world. It is expected to be one of the most smarter city in Pakistan. It aims to provide a standard of home design and other needs of life to enjoy the life.

The smart city of the capital is not only an existing housing project, but also a model of one of the best efficient planning developing project. Social management focuses on speeding up carpet weaving concrete roads to facilitate transportation and travel. The 300-foot-long Main Boulevard is nearing completion.

Location of Capital Smart City

The total area of Capital Smart City Islamabad consists on “55,000 Kanal”.  It is best Location because it is near for new International Islamabad Airport. And it is near for the motorway of M2 and it is the best location because it is the way of economic corridor of China Pakistan. The location of the Capitol Smart City is considered one of the best aspects in terms of overall value, as accessibility is not an issue. The community is built on the High Capital Smart State is the successful Project development same as Behria Town and DHA Islamabad.


“Everyone want to live in a dream house and it would be”


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