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Discovering These 9 Top Real Estate Agents and Companies Near You.

There has never been a better time for the housing market to boom and at the rate with which technology is changing the game of the industry, the industry witnesses higher peaks. 

Home prices increased 18.5 % year on year since December 2021. This has increased rivalry among leading real estate brokerages. In many locations, an offer comes in within a week of a property being advertised. Buyers are snapping up available houses due to cheap loan rates.

Now whether you’re a first-time homebuyer/seller or a seasoned pro, the home process may be quite stressful. 

Fortunately, you have the liberty of choosing a real estate agent who will handle much of the legwork for you.

If you’re looking for the 9 best low commission real estate agents around you—who will surely make your neighbor jealous—continue reading…


Houzeo is a tech company that harnesses technology to solve real estate problems and make the home selling seamless.  It is a competitive marketplace for sellers searching for full-service, low-cost firms that will provide the largest savings with the least amount of real estate agent involvement. In addition, Houzeo is regarded as the finest Flat Fee MLS and FSBO supplier in the US real estate industry. 

Armed with its cutting-edge technology, it enables home sellers to list their properties on the MLS for a pocket-friendly flat rate while working with a listing agent who does not generally charge a commission. This immediately saves you nearly half of the agent commissions.

You can personalize the packages as per your business requirements and even add services like contract review, price guidance, professional photos, and more.

After registering, home sellers have access to a unique seller dashboard where they may receive, review, and compare offers. Contract updates, counteroffers, house showings, lockboxes, yard signage, and other services are also available on the platform. 

Houzeo is the most sophisticated For Sale by Owner (FSBO) platform in the United States, with excellent evaluations on Google and Trustpilot. 

Houzeo has a national footprint and Houzeo reviews are the proof of the same. MLS visibility, 100% automated process, listing within 8 business hours with Houzeo Concierge, buyer leads provided directly with the seller, counteroffer option, and affordable full-service packages.

No other real estate firm even comes close to providing such amenities.


Redfin is an established home search engine and discount brokerage that employs licensed real estate professionals to assist you in buying or selling a house. Their major offering is a service discount for homeowners selling their houses. Instead of the customary 2.5–3 % cost, a 1.5 % listing fee will be paid. 

The greatest potential compromise is in the area of service. According to some client evaluations, the lack of hands-on help given by Redfin agents can lead to blunders such as underpricing a house.

When you use Redfin instead of a traditional home-selling approach, you can save up to 20% – 30% on commission costs. Trying to give their service three times faster than the usual way, on the other hand, may restrict their capacity to provide you with individualized care. 

The inexpensive realtor has a detailed listing agreement, but it takes around 18 days to have a property listed on the MLS. Add-on services from Redfin include a professional photographer, MLS listing, open house calendar, yard sign, and much more. 

Redfin has a team of top real estate agents that is well-suited for full-service brokerage and has an excellent user experience for sellers to make their lives simpler.


SimpleShowing provides sellers in a few jurisdictions with comparably inexpensive listing costs, even though there are certain concerns regarding their services.

They have considerably fewer agents than other firms, yet its agents serve 5x the number of consumers as the average realtor. This is a frequent topic among low commission real estate agents, sometimes known as “discount brokerages,” and it offers both advantages and disadvantages for consumers.

The potential savings from SimpleShowing are considerable, but so are the hazards.

When your agent is dealing with 5x the number of consumers as the average realtor, you have a lot more competition for his or her time and attention.


Homie is a flat-fee brokerage with a listing cost of $3,500 which claims to offer “everything” that a typical agency would. However, although the company’s self-service procedure is ideal for experienced sellers who need to get their house on the market as soon as possible, it is not suitable for everyone.

Homie agents provide fewer services, allowing them to manage 10x as many consumers at once. This bare-bones service style raises the likelihood of a negative encounter.

The most difficult problem you’ll encounter if you sell with Homie is that your agent will be completely distant. Since your agent is dealing with so many consumers at once, the process may feel less personal than working with a typical realtor. 

They will not come to your house to advise you on how to prepare your house during a sale. You all also have to schedule an open house on your own.


Redefy promises a flat $3,500 listing fee on homes under $1 million and a 1% commission rate for listings over $1 million.

Selling with Redefy is akin to selling with Redfin or any bargain brand with its own in-house agents. To sell more properties with fewer agents, Redefy uses a team-based strategy and pulls back on in-person services.

The firm will offer the majority of the same broad services as traditional brokerages, but there will be trade-offs such as limited agent choices and team-based customer support concerns.

Another challenge is that you may run into challenges with overworked agents. In addition, because Redefy reduces in-person services, your agent will not organize an open house for you.

Unlike other brokerages, Redefy charges a non-refundable $500 listing fee when it puts your house for sale. If your home sells, the firm will apply the $500 to your listing fee.


Prevu Real Estate is a low commission brokerage based in California and a few towns in the Northeastern United States. Prevu promises a 1.5 % listing fee for sellers and a large 2 % rebate for qualified house buyers.

Overall, Prevu provides higher value to buyers than it does to sellers. Their 2% commission refund on qualified purchases results in more discounts than any other regional or national discount broker. 

Buyers may meet a few minor service trade-offs along the line, but the potential savings are worth it for the majority of individuals.

Their seller savings bundle is even less appealing. It’s 1.5 % listing cost is in the middle of the pack when compared to other low commission companies, so most sellers will find greater value elsewhere.

REX Real Estate

REX’s quoted 2.5 % listing charge is about equal to the national average commission rate, which implies it’s not significantly less expensive than listing with a traditional realtor. REX, on the other hand, says it may help you save money on commission by removing the buyer’s agent cost.

Their mission is to locate a buyer for you who isn’t represented by an agent. It markets your property directly to potential home buyers looking for houses online with digital advertisements. If REX finds you a buyer who has not engaged a realtor, you will not be required to pay a buyer’s agent commission.

Their strategy is exceedingly risky. Almost all buyers use the services of a realtor. You’ll miss out on 90% of buyers if you exclusively target those who don’t use an agent. It’s just not an efficient approach to selling your house!


Trelora is a low-cost real estate firm that charges a $3,000, $4,000, or 1% listing fee depending on your region.

Trelora, like other comparable firms, does not provide you with a single, specialized representative to help you through the procedure. Instead, you’ll deal with a team of agents, with various persons handling different areas of your transaction. 

Their representatives, on the other hand, deal with up to 20 times the number of clients as the ordinary realtor.

Ideal Agent

Ideal Agent finds you a superb full-service realtor in your region and negotiates a 2% listing fee on your behalf.

Unlike some other agent matching systems, Ideal Agent is extremely picky about who realtors it works with. You may be confident that you will be paired with an agent who is a top seller in your region.

Although Ideal Agent’s listing cost is less than the typical 3 % rate charged by many agents, it is more expensive than comparable solutions.

Is It Worth It?

When it comes to selling your property, a smart alternative would be selling your property as an FSBO— where you save a few thousand bucks. However, if you want the services of an extraordinary specialist, the experienced top real estate agents on our list are the way to go.

There is a way to have both by listing with a flat rate MLS business instead! You may tailor the services you require for pennies on the dollar!

Even if you sell at a higher price, you must pay the same set charge. Buyers are also eligible for incentives. 

One thing for sure is that Houzeo.com remains one of the greatest housing platforms for brokers, sellers, and buyers. 

It is also one of the greatest Flat Fee MLS firms in the United States due to its 100% online nature and exceptional agent matching tools.

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