How to book a hotel on Booking

How to book a hotel on booking

Do you go abroad with a personal arrangement or book a tour? If you’re on a tour, you can leave your airline tickets and hotels to your travel agency, so you can travel with peace of mind. On the other hand, if you’re thinking of arranging your own next trip for the first time, it’s difficult to book a hotel overseas, don’t you?

However, in fact, it is very easy and can be done in five minutes through the site.

So this time, for those who want to travel on a personal arrangement, I would like to introduce you to how to book a hotel on the site called Booking.com.

What is Booking.com?

Booking.com is one of the world’s largest online booking sites with headquarters in the Netherlands.

It caters to accommodations around the world and basically hotels in the city you visit on a trip can be booked on this site.

Easy on the Internet, How to book a hotel on Booking.com

First, open Booking.com. Search for a hotel by entering your destination (destination), date, and the number of people.

By the way, there are a lot of accommodations of the shared room type with other travelers named dormitory, so if you don’t like dormitories, check before you confirm whether the room you are going to stay in is a dormitory type or a private room type.

Also, now that we’ve been searching at all Saskatoon hotels, we’ve found a lot of search results, but you can narrow down the criteria.

How to use Booking.com (2) Narrow down hotels

If you search for all accommodations, it will take a huge amount of time to find a hotel, so we recommend that you narrow it down to your preferred criteria.

You can filter by such items.

Recommended items when narrowing down are as follows.


– Narrow down in a convenient location from where we want to go.

Price range

– Narrow down based on the budget in consultation with your wallet.

Hotel rank

– Narrow down from the hotel rank of 1 to 5 stars.

If you want to stay in a private room that is beautiful to some extent, it is good to try to search from around 3 stars.

If you combine this area, we will narrow it down, so let’s look for the accommodation that suits your choice.

Book hotels abroad easily on the Internet

The hotel is basically more and more popular, so make a reservation as soon as the schedule is decided.

At this point, I think we’ve narrowed it down to a certain number, so let’s check it finally before booking. Once you’ve checked the above items, book what you think is best.

Once you have made your reservation, you can check in safely by the name you booked at the reception desk on the day of check-in.

By the way, Booking.com can basically cancel free of charge, but canceling without contact will be a great nuisance to the hotel side, so please cancel as soon as possible when it is decided not to stay.

How does it compare to other booking sites?

In addition to Booking.com, there are online booking sites such as Agoda and Expedia, but basically the price is about the same.

I think it’s a good idea to try using it and use something that is easy for you to use.

However,Booking.com can be a Genius member with great deals, such as 10% off accommodation and early check-in priority at eligible accommodations, so I personally recommend it.

You may want to look through other competing sites and then decide which site to use.

Booking.com Hotel Reservation Summary

How do you like it?

Didn’t you think that it was surprisingly easy to book an overseas hotel?

If you are going abroad for the first time outside of the tour, I think you should use Booking.com to book a hotel.

I think it’s quite important to stay at a hotel, so check the photos of your room, check the hotel facilities, find a place to stay here and make a reservation.

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