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the Top-Notch UK Firewood?

How to Opt for the Top-Notch UK Firewood?

Someone may wonder what is difficult about selecting wood for the fireplace or wood stove. Still, considering multiple factors to check out, it is more challenging than it seems. You should carefully explore firewood categories to find the best one fitting your fireplace type and the room size for heating. Plus, your choice has to meet your budget. So to prevent you from going wrong and throwing money away, let us overview how to opt for top-notch UK firewood and what things to look out for.

Seasoned or Kiln-Dried Logs?

The most critical aspect while purchasing firewood is undoubtedly moisture content. Basically, the drier logs will burn better. Two possible ways to release moisture are to get wood air-seasoned or kiln-dried. Both methods will help you reach an end goal, but their processes differ. For example, attaining kiln-dried logs takes only a few days and reduces wood moisture to 12%. Meanwhile, air drying is much more time-consuming. It lasts at least 12 months or 2 summers, achieving only 20-25% moisture.

One more valuable advantage of kiln-dried firewood is that the drying process destroys all insects and parasites. That way, undesired pests won’t harm your home. Besides, it is simpler to supervise moisture content while kiln drying, which makes the process highly efficient. Finally, you can diminish chimney sooty deposits with sufficiently dried firewood, thus eliminating fire or flue damage risks. 

The key question is where to purchase such UK logs. The market is full of firewood suppliers, but Homefire company definitely heads the list. Due to prime quality and free delivery of any kind of logs and briquettes, there is no chance of leaving you unsatisfied. You can read the Homefire review to see for yourself.

Wood Age and Color

The age of logs directly equals their quality since older wood burns much cleaner than greenwood. However, how to distinguish whether firewood is appropriately seasoned or kiln-dried? Typically, the old wood is housed at the bottom of a pile and has cracking ends. Therefore, if you strive for clean burning, it is critical to select old kiln-dried logs. The Certainly Wood company is famous for its wide range of aged top-quality UK firewood. So when you hesitate to buy there, the Certainly Wood review will ultimately convince you.

Color is no less essential point to examine while choosing wood. Clean-burning firewood gets commonly stored in dry places, resulting in a different color from greenwood. A good log always is the outside grey and dusty and the inside clean and dry. It indicates a lower amount of residual material.

Firewood Density and Bark

The firewood density is decisive as high-dense wood burns more effectively than low-dense ones. This results from the burning time of kiln-dried firewood with a higher density is lasting, thereby producing less pollution. 

Seemingly, how can the wood bark facilitate going for the proper logs? Still, it might assist to a great extent. When firewood has its bark chipped or peeled from the log’s surface, it points out to the appropriate drying level. Since to stay attached to the log, the bark requires sufficient moisture. So if it lags behind, it means the wood is dry sufficiently and will burn cleanly with small pollution responsively. By studying the White Horse Energy review, you might find immense such environmental-friendly options.


Purchasing the most suitable firewood is daunting, but being informationally savvy will help you make it with flying colors. So by following our tips, you can have a warm and cozy fire at your place while standing responsible toward the environment. Check out the hottest UK firewood companies mentioned above and find the best-fitting logs for your house.


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