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How To Sell An Apartment Yourself?

In order to sell an apartment without the participation of intermediaries, you need to have the talent of a marketer, the mind of a financial analyst, and the free time of a person who found himself in paradise after death. Most hypothetical salespeople think so. In fact, selling an apartment on your own is much easier than buying it, bypassing the help of realtors and lawyers.

Our full-time free divers have plunged deeply into the problem, found all the pitfalls, and are ready to talk about how you can easily and naturally get rid of an unnecessary apartment.

How to get started?

So, you have decided that the old apartment is small for you, and it is time to expand. Either they received a sudden inheritance, or they decided to sell an apartment for other reasons – there is no difference. The algorithm of action is the same.

How To Sell An Apartment Yourself? 2

  • Spend a couple of evenings watching ads on virtual real estate marketplaces. Stock up on a notebook, pen (or Excel spreadsheet), and tea and cookies. Find similar options in your area. Similar apartments in similar buildings, with an identical layout and approximately the same renovation age – these are the main search criteria. Consider the number of stories – due to established prejudices, people prefer not to buy (or buy significantly cheaper) apartments on the first and last floors.
  • Immediately sweep aside the options that are criminally cheap (for sure there are some hidden difficulties), and apartments, the owners of which do not measure their mansions with the real state of affairs.
  • Select the “average temperature for the hospital” – this will give you the cost per square meter of housing in your area. The simplest thing is to multiply the area of ​​the apartment by the amount received, and voila, the average price has been found. However, you can contact a qualified appraiser. For a certain fee, he will conduct an analysis on his own and give you a motivated adequate cost of the apartment.
  • If you would like to get more for an apartment, find some advantages of your particular home: a stunning view from the window, a sane management organization (which is very important), good neighbors, proximity to a traffic intersection, and so on. This will allow you to slightly increase the cost, and increase the chance of selling an apartment at a price slightly higher than the market average.
  • If you do not live in an apartment and want to present it in the most favorable light, assess the need for minor cosmetic repairs. It is clear that new tenants are likely to adjust the apartment to their sense of beauty, but first impressions are very important. Therefore, you can, for example, re-glue the wallpaper on a budget, eliminate traces of the vital activity of previous residents (wash the greasy, change the broken, paint the peeling ones).

Prepare documents for sale

No secret manipulation is needed to close a deal. The owner enters into a contract with the buyer. In this case, the owner needs to confirm that he is he and that the apartment really belongs to him. To do this, you need nothing at all:

How To Sell An Apartment Yourself? 3

  • passport of the owner of the apartment
  • documents of title (these are documents confirming that the designated person is the owner. There are several types of such documents that tell how a person became the owner: a sale and purchase agreement, a certificate of inheritance under the law or by will, a donation, a life support agreement with dependents, an exchange agreement, an agreement on the transfer of housing to the ownership of citizens by way of privatization. One of these documents establishes the right of ownership. )
  • extract from the Unified State Register of Real Estate. This is the main document that confirms that the title deeds are still valid. These extracts inform about who is the current owner of the apartment.

We also recommend that you stock up on a template for a sales contract. You can find a quality option online, or contact a lawyer, and he will select a suitable contract for you, based on your situation. You just need to enter the buyer’s details there, and you can conclude a deal.

Declare your intention to the world

How To Sell An Apartment Yourself? 4

In order to tell the world about something in the 21st century, you do not need to call on television. It is enough to advertise the sale of homes in Abbotsford BC on specialized resources. There are well-known platforms for placing ads for buying and selling real estate. There are regional and local resources that can be of great service to you. So, in order for as many people as possible to know about the apartment, place your ads as follows:

  • In local and regional news or other popular public places. Many of them do not hesitate to advertise and for a certain amount of money your ad (creatively composed and interestingly presented, right?) Will be seen by even more people;
  • place your ad in an old-fashioned way – in newspapers and magazines. Yes, yes, they still exist, and they have their own certain circle of readers. Who knows, maybe your buyer is just one of them. This will slightly increase the audience that will see your ad.
  • post paper copies at bus stops and general house notice boards. People are still reading them, and your attempt may be successful.
  • don’t discount word of mouth. Tell anyone who is willing to listen that you are serving a wonderful apartment at a great price. According to the theory of the seven handshakes, some buddy of yours will probably have another buddy who needs that kind of apartment.

My own realtor

Now you have to try on the role of a real estate agent if you want to sell an apartment. After all, after you have left so many ads on all possible sites, a string of people who want to buy an apartment will reach out to you. And here it is important to behave correctly.

There is no need to emphasize all the flaws of the apartment, as well as exaggerate colors for the sake of a catchphrase and to win the heart of the buyer. It is enough to follow simple rules in order not to seem strange and not credible to visitors. Here they are:

  • if you don’t live in this apartment, don’t be late for the show. Come when you agreed, save your time and the buyer;
  • if the apartment has any peculiarities, talk about them calmly and confidently.
  • answer questions as honestly as possible. If you hide some parameters that are essential for the buyer, do not forget about the rays of good that will fly after you and spoil karma. They probably won’t, but why risk it?
  • if you live in the same apartment that you sell, try to keep it clean by the time of inspection. Clutter can ruin the experience of a home, even if it’s a great option;

Final calculation: how not to lose?

The issue of transferring money worries all parties to the transaction. The buyer is worried that he will give the amount to the seller, and the seller will change his mind. Or, after that, he will take out the kitchen set from the apartment, which he promised to leave. The question is serious – the buyer runs the risk of being left without money and without an apartment.

The seller is also afraid. What if the buyer “stakes out” the apartment, and then finds a better option, and disappears from the radar?

Both the one and the other act in the same way: before the transaction, the buyer puts the amount in an account or in a safe deposit box, and concludes an agreement with the bank. Under the terms of the contract, only the seller can receive the amount. Provides evidence that the transaction was successfully completed and the title passed to the buyer. Proof – an extract from the USRN with the new owner.

Then the bank gives access to the contents of the cell (account). In this case, the financial institution is the guarantor of the transaction. If all goes well, the seller will receive the money after registering the sales contract. If the transaction does not take place, after a certain time, the buyer will be able to return his money safe and sound.


As you can see, selling a house in Abbotsford BC on your own is not so difficult. this gives certain advantages – the buyer will prefer an apartment without a realtor. Firstly, it will cost him significantly less, and secondly, the option of a “black realtor” who sells dysfunctional apartments is excluded. If the buyer has any doubts, you can always show the documents together to an independent lawyer and convince the party that the apartment is in order.

So, in order to sell an apartment on your own, you need:

  • prepare premises for sale
  • prepare documents for a deal
  • place an ad for sale
  • worthily present the apartment to the buyer
  • conclude a sales contract
  • get money

Another advantage for those who like to keep their finger on the pulse: in the case of a self-sale, you control every stage of the transaction. And for those who are not ready to spend a minute of their life on bureaucratic red tape, professional competent realtors are always ready to work. The main thing is to find a specialist for your heart and budget.

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About Vaneet Sethi

Vaneet Sethi is a Successful Real estate agent. He is serving in Surrey, Delta, Langely, Abbotsford, Mission and Chilliwack area for real estate market over few years. He started his career as realtor under Century21 Coastal Realty Ltd. and grew up as a successful real estate agent with number of happy clients. Now he managed his own company i.e. Abbotsford Houses. The aim of the company to provide the best homes for sale in Abbotsford and its surrounding area.

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