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Inbound Process Vs Outbound Process- Which Should I Choose?

Call centers take care of a massive volume of both outgoing and inbound calls. Knowing the differences between inbound call centers and outbound call centers will help you in making the right choice that is best for your business. Here are some figures to help you select the most efficient option to meet your needs.

What Is an Inbound Call Center and How Does It Work?

Incoming call centers, as their name implies, are primarily responsible for messages and calls from prospective and existing customers. Due to their nature, this kind of call center is focused on providing customer service. This can go a long way to improve the image of the company. Ovik Mkrtchyan

Inquiries and responding to customer concerns are the main goals of inbound call centers. Inbound call centers can also address customer issues regardless of sector. Because they are consumers’ primary source of contact with your company the call center representatives must be friendly, accommodating, and educated about corporate policies.

What Is an Outbound Call Center and How Does It Work?

Outbound call centers, as opposed to calling centers inbound, make calls instead of receiving. Reaching out to existing customers and potential customers, generating sales, and marketing the company are their top objectives.

Typically, contact center representatives work with lists of current or potential customers. They are also responsible for making cold and sales call and providing assistance to clients in the upgrade of their service. They also help with high-paying returns on investment.

Inbound and Outbound Call Centers: What’s the Difference?

Call centers that provide both outbound and inbound services are functionally distinct. Inbound call centers accept calls, while outbound call centers try to generate sales by reaching out to clients and setting goals. The objectives of both call centers are distinct. Inbound call centers can be useful in addressing customer issues to boost the loyalty of customers and retain them. Outbound call centers, however, attempt to grab the interest of potential customers.

Inbound Calls: The Working Domains

Inbound calls could take any kind however they typically are classified into one of these four types.

Customer service

When a customer contacts the agent regarding a question or concern or wants to alter their account information and request assistance, they should contact the agents to discuss the problem. Agents quickly address the questions, resulting in better customer service for the business. Returns, feedback from customers’ payments by phone, address changes, inquiries about procedures, policies, and similar are just a few of the areas in which clients require support. They can be dealt with electronically (IVR) and some inbound contact centers are playing audio recordings when customers are waiting for assistance, directing them to appropriate online sources.

Technical Assistance/Troubleshooting

If something occurs on the customers’ end, they call the business. Customers typically make contact when a device isn’t operating properly. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cell phone that isn’t able to accept GIFs or a laptop that isn’t able to turn on, technical assistance is typically the reason for customers who are unhappy with their current situation.

Inbound centers that deal with technical assistance require agents who are patient and capable of handling demands and complaints. This is because of the sour tone that is heard in many calls. If the customer is confronted with a technical problem with the product they are likely to be disappointed, and this could affect their tone of voice. Problems can be addressed and tempers could be soothed with the help of the right team. The agents are responsible for restoring the brand’s loyalty and resulting in more repeat purchases. Ovik Mkrtchyan

Sale Conversion 

In some instances, inbound call centers can receive calls from potential customers looking for additional details. If this happens this is known as an “inbound sales” call, and diligent employees can profit from this. Salesmanship and tact are essential when it comes to this and agents can take the next step in convincing clients to buy. It can aid in turning leads into customers.

There are times when it is apparent that certain sectors and industries have an enormous number of inbound sales calls. Consider the insurance industry. Most individuals call agents to inquire about certain policy clauses and terms. The entire structure of the BPO firm can commit to a healthy inbound team.

In inbound sales, call professionals should strive to establish a rapport with the prospect through finding an agreement and offering helpful details. To build confidence in the prospect and trust, they must let the prospect lead the discussion and ask questions that are open to discussion and be honest.

Inquiry Calls for Upgrades and Renewals

Existing customers who have decided to upgrade, renew, or even combine their subscriptions can call the call center agents. The call centers can connect with a variety of callers inbound. The customers are generally more relaxed and content with the service provided by an organization, which in turn encourages them to keep their connection in place. This also improves the positive CSAT through trained staff.

Inbound agents at call centers must be well-versed in the entire range of products offered by the company and current special offers. They must be able to explain to customers the benefits of either keeping or upgrading their existing plans.

They should be taught to manage the renewal or upgrade, or assist customers by redirecting the phone call to a sales representative to expand the plan and also be knowledgeable and convincing.

Outbound Call Centers- The Working Domains

There are some instances of exceptions (such as political organizations conducting polls, or companies conducting surveys of product quality, service, and market studies) outbound call centers are typically focused on sales, and callers fall into two categories.

Cold Calls

Cold calls are when you call those who don’t expect to contact you. The phone call may be their first encounter with the company in any way, whether it’s good or bad. It could result in discontent and a lack of trust for the potential buyer. This could make it harder to complete the transaction, based on the party who gets the phone call.

Outbound cold call contact center employees should have thick skin. This is because those who are not happy with the phone call usually voice their displeasure. But, there are sales that teams can make that are willing to stand their ground.

Warm Calls

However calling leads who are qualified is less stinging when customers are expecting phone calls from the center, and aren’t entirely negative about the discussion. They just require some influence and some product knowledge to make the sale.

Warm calls, in contrast to cold calls, are the result of prior interactions with the person who is the lead. It could be a suggestion or a chance meeting at an event or conference or a prior telephone call. Since the caller is anticipating the phone call, these calls are usually well-receive. Consequently, those conversion rates are much higher.

Some Other Functions of Outbound Employees
Making an appointment

Outbound agents schedule meetings or schedules between the lead/client/customer with the salesperson. They can help determine the most suitable time and date that is suitable for the client who is currently or a prospective buyer to talk to an employee of the company. To keep the potential customer motivated agents must be precise and efficient and engaging.

Generating Leads

Outbound agents utilize both cold and warm calls to create leads. They can identify individuals’ desire to learn more about the company’s products. In the course of the conversation, they take notes to evaluate the probability of conversion.

Marketing and Promotion

Telemarketing isn’t similar to lead generation. You could compare it with door-to-door sales. Salespeople present their product pitch on the telephone to a specific group of people. They can entice potential customers to invest in the item or services by explaining what they think is the best fit for their needs. Multilingual and Omnichannel services can be able to serve clients all over the world.


Telesales which is often mistakenly referres to as telemarketing has a distinct goal. Where telemarketers have stopped selling, sales reps usually take over. They have to be patient and persuasive to follow up on qualified leads and convert these leads into sales.

Because the success of telesales professionals is mostly based on the rate of conversion, having a complete list of leads of high quality is essential.

Market Analysis

Outbound calls don’t have to be necessary to make sales, but they are also a great way to gauge the interest of an item, service, or brand. During the call, the agent will inquire of the business or market researcher interested in a series of questions to learn the demographics of the intended market (and their impression of the brand or service). They use the information they collect to improve the quality of products or services and to alter the marketing strategies.

What’s the Difference Between Inbound and Outbound Call Center Services?

Inbound or help with outbound calls depends on the root of the issue and challenges your company’s staff is facing. If you’re having difficulty managing the number of technical and customer service help calls inbound call center could be able to help. If your team is struggling with tracking down a large number of leads, then an outbound call center could be the best option for you.


In any event, if your business is growing and employees are working extra hours, call center services could be helpful. The right contact center could be the key to success! If you require a knowledgeable customer service team or sales superstars to help spread all the buzz about your fantastic product or service the choice is entirely dependent on the needs of your business.

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