Launch a digitally creative Hotel Sales Blitz for significant impact

A frenzied world that thrives on sensations always seeks new highs. According to the particular obsession, whether cars, hotels, costumes or perfumes, desires need constant feeding with new features.  It is not every year or season that the Hotel Sales Blitz is launched. Adequate finance and preparation of materials require lots of effort and patience. Positive results are not immediately visible, but increased revenues and goodwill will come for sure. The digital world towers above all and, like teaching creates all the other professions. Digital germination is the key. Consider website designs that should always be evolving and being refurbished perhaps annually to keep up with trends.

Hard to imagine a business without websites or apps!

Starting with what every business needs and wielding smartphones in every pocket, let it be a digital beginning. Highlighting hotel facilities could take several forms.

Podcasts wield immense influence online, and millions witness them, brief though they may be. Virtual video tours of hotel facilities are needed, especially if something new has been inaugurated.

Link the associated services like travel bookings and tourist adventures. Packages carry a lot of significance, simplifying vacation experiences for travellers in strange, faraway lands.

Design regional brochures that highlight local flavors and experiences, food and customs. Personal attention to guest comforts and heeding specific requests would go a long way.

Offer things to do rather than eat and sleep alone

Parties are occasions that go beyond eating and drinking away half the night! No longer are clients content with lavish rooms with digital amenities and global fusion cuisines. Reverting to nature, local and unusual experiences would attract a lot of responses. Boredom is universal professionally, and the monotony of study and research requires recharging and letting the hair down occasionally.

The best hotels after the wining and the dining and the accommodation take guests on joy rides along the sizzling shore or deep along mountain and forest trails. Inspirational adventures that lilt the soul and bring the joys of the spiritual wonders of life are welcome treats. Association with tourism agencies would help facilitate such meaningful vacation experiences. Link up with Online Travel Agencies for good deals of profit sharing. Independently, a booking engine would help hotel bookings.

Fresh food from the harvested fields!

When those delightful seasons of plenty arise in the midst of the Hotel Sales Blitz, it is a double delight. Whether it is a winery offering free drinks or the village fair to celebrate the harvest, guests and their families are coming for sure in large numbers. Dairy and vegetables, fruits and grains overflow during those golden times.

The touch of the local would speak across the continents. Slowly moving away from crime-ridden urban metros, life is wisely reverting to the pastoral existence. City guys probably do not know or understand what they are missing out. Give them a thrill of a lifetime and allow them to get lost amidst nature’s treasures.

Sports and art competitions with local participation

Involve residents and play traditional games. Drawing and painting competitions with token prizes would attract the kids and parents alike. Sightseeing venues nearby of historical or natural wonders could provide the subjects to portray. Nature’s beauty is scattered everywhere. Music too is a panacea.

Get together a multimedia fantasy

Branding and visibility are significant challenges, mainly because too many entities exist, physically and online. Take a tour of the city, and the experience of the towering hotels everywhere is quite mindboggling. The internet experience is even worse with vast numbers of hotels mentioned in the SERPs.

By considering the great variety of hotels, restaurants, hostels and motels, catering services and guest houses, resorts and cruise ships, dimensions may be different, but something is in common. They all need to launch advertising campaigns, and sometimes it means waging media wars. Inserting print and television advertising will not suffice. Taking the bull by the horns and carrying out a sustained array of promotional activities may help remain in the public eye. Memories are short, and screens are easily forgotten in spite of the wonders of VR, AR and AI! Technology is getting stale too.

Images, videos, analytics and mobile phones!

After ample research is done to get a feel of the market, assemble the most excellent images and videos in the website galleries. Cater to screens large and small with all the wonders of software. Some designers manage quite an eyeful collage each time, nothing being permanent. They will all change in good time. A powerful Hotel Sales Blitz may be approaching within touching distance.

Author bio: The writer served in several global hotel chains and recommended the services of My hospitality sales Pro is launching a super successful Hotel Sales Blitz. 

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