The Advantages Of Using Microsoft Sharepoint

Advantages Of Using Microsoft Sharepoint

One of the many IT challenges that business owners face today is the ability to share documents with members of your team and keep track of changes to any document while keeping the original for reference.

This can become a complex problem as the number of teams increases and / or the number of projects or documents increases. It can become even more challenging if third parties are also required to share such data to gather their input, or if there are team members working from elsewhere through co-location, travel or work from home.

There are many IT solutions that help business owners like you manage this data efficiently get services of sharepoint from This article focuses today on a highly recommended software solution: Microsoft Sharepoint.

What is Microsoft Sharepoint?

Microsoft Sharepoint is accessed through its software platform, which can be hosted on your server, through a hosting provider, or in the cloud. It is then accessed via your intranet or the Internet. In essence, it’s a web-based portal that goes beyond Microsoft Office desktop applications, into an organized world, where you can share and collaborate with other team members in your company, group, or even multinational organization.

In addition, Microsoft Sharepoint has excellent project management facilities, an intranet, calendars and a powerful search engine, which is ideal when you have difficulty remembering where you have stored the important document.

Document storage, updating and tracking is a key element of this software, which is extremely useful when managing information, yet requires flexibility for team members or authorized third parties to access and possibly modify documents. In particular, the ability to lock or “remove” files is a welcome feature and integrates from the web browser with the default file browser.

Of course, Microsoft Sharepoint is very secure software, which is so critical these days.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Sharepoint?

Improved team productivity – The ability to access your data from anywhere in the world and synchronize with so many other elements of the application or tool is a massive drive to optimize and improve the efficiency of any organization.

Guaranteed information security: With the ability to set different security levels, this gives third parties access to specific areas or documents without fear of being redirected to other restricted areas. This provides tighter control. A complete path record is kept for access, document changes, etc. and thus you can provide a complete history for each service used.

Flexibility: There is an element of customization through Microsoft Sharepoint that allows you to configure the system to suit your business.

Better access and use of information: Search functions quickly find documents for the topic or project you are working on. The ability to access your entire project outside the office provides a significant benefit. Consider the situation where you are away from work and desperately need access to your files. Maybe they were on your laptop. What if your laptop was stolen or if there were memory errors? All data would be lost. With Microsoft Sharepoint, you always have access to your data.

Users update quickly – Because Microsoft Sharepoint is based on well-known but improved Microsoft products, this privacy gives new users a significant “quick start” advantage, which in turn results in faster understanding and use of the software.

The great thing about Microsoft Sharepoint is that it can be fully integrated with Microsoft 365, so it uses the world’s standard software for office management and productivity.

Is Microsoft Sharepoint the right one for my business?

It is always advisable to consult your IT support company before investing in software. After all, it is important that the software fits well with your particular business situation and therefore will provide an element of return on investment.

Many companies use Microsoft Sharepoint, but that does not mean it is not suitable for smaller companies. Let’s take a quick look at some facts.

  • 78% of Fortune 500 companies use Sharepoint
    62% of information workers use it daily
    34% of Sharepoint users do not feel that they are using their full capacity
    25 million users

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