The most exclusive residential neighborhoods in Hong Kong

A girl at the airport after choosing one of the residential neighborhoods in Hong Kong to move to.

Moving to Hong Kong is exciting and new. An international relocation as such takes a lot of planning and preparing ahead of time. Therefore, starting early and following a solid plan is definitely key. Often, we also recommend looking into different residential neighborhoods in Hong Kong and evaluating where you can see yourself living. There are many exclusive residential areas within Hong Kong which are definitely worth checking out. Let’s analyze a few of them!

Hong Kong

The region is highly populated, with its economy thriving. International trade, investments, and businesses are at the center of Hong Kong. Combine all of those together, and you get one of the most expensive cities in the world. An interesting fact is that there are more Rolls Royce’s in Hong Kong per person than anywhere else in the world! In addition to that, no other city can come close to its number of skyscrapers. Urban, metropolitan, and cosmopolitan are some words that would describe it overall.

A street in Hong Kong at night.
Hong Kong is home to some of the most expensive neighborhoods in the world.

With a lot of luxury happening in one city, you can expect the real estate market and its trends to follow in the same direction as well. There are many exclusive residential neighborhoods in Hong Kong which are home to big and beautiful homes with some of the best views out there.

Residential Neighborhoods in Hong Kong

Whatever your style is, Hong Kong will deliver. If your budget is very flexible, finding a home in one of the exclusive neighborhoods in Hong Kong can become fairly simple. We do suggest hiring and working with a local real estate agent. Knowing the area well and having experience with homes there will make a difference. The process will be more efficient, and a local individual will have a better insight into helping you find your perfect home.

The Peak

If you are looking for pools, gardens, and lawns with class and privacy, then The Peak is one of the neighborhoods for you. Although this area is known for its townhouses and low-rise apartment buildings, it is also desired for its greenery, unbeatable light blue waters, and the skyline views. When it comes to the list of neighborhoods in Hong Kong, The Peak is at the top of the list for one of the most expensive ones. With that being said, it is also one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the world.

The Peak.
The Peak is at the top of the list of where to move to in Hong Kong if luxury, private pools, and beautiful scenery is what you are looking for.

In addition, its residents include celebrities and billionaires. The area also has luxurious hotels, some of the best private schools, and lots of outdoor space for nature and fitness enthusiasts.

The Mid-Levels Central

Mid-Levels Central is one of the more urban and fast-paced neighborhoods in Hong Kong. Popular amongst younger couples and singles, this neighborhood is home to some of the best bars, night clubs, and art galleries. Overall, if you like being in the center of things and being surrounded by lots of energetic people, then the Mid-Levels Central is for you.

When it comes to the real estate trends within this area, you’ll find that most properties are high-rises. From lofts to penthouses, historical buildings to the 21st-century ones, there is a little something for everyone. Also, even though it is mostly buildings, you can still expect to find private pools and gardens.

Repulse Bay

If the urban lifestyle isn’t really for you, you can opt for a more quiet and laid back neighborhood such as the Repulse Bay. This area offers a pretty great beach with waterfront properties. Soft sand and clear water anyone? Meanwhile, there have been various developments within Repulse Bay, however its resort vibe stayed intact which also makes it stand out from the other neighborhoods in Hong Kong.

To evaluate the real estate here, you can expect to find plenty of lavish villas and apartments with some pretty magnificent views. Some of the top properties in Repulse Bay are amongst the world’s most expensive ones. The value and cost per square foot are at the top of the list when compared to the rest of the world. Meanwhile, with the help of your real estate agent, you could move in no time into your brand new fancy place!


If you thought that Repulse Bay is chill and laid back, Stanley takes that to a whole other level. Most people compare this neighborhood to a Mediterranean atmosphere and vibe. It is also great for families, as there are plenty of outdoor activities, great schools, and shopping places. When it comes to residential properties, the style here is townhouses and apartments. Besides being one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Hong Kong, some of its amazing landmarks include the Murray House, Tin Hai Temple, and the Dragon Boat Races.

Grab a Mojito and relax within this laidback and beautiful neighborhood of Stanley in Hong Kong.

International Relocation

Moving requires a good plan and plenty of preparations. Giving yourself a lengthy timeline will be very beneficial overall. It will enable you to plan each and every step of your move to Hong Kong.

In addition, when moving overseas, it’s important to book your moving company on time. Contact ahead of time and get your estimates. Getting things as such done early will allow you to take care of your schedule efficiently. As a return, your relocation becomes stress and hassle-free.


As now you are more familiar with some of the most exclusive and luxurious neighborhoods in Hong Kong, the fun part can begin. If you are able to, view potential homes in person. This way you can truly see and feel the vibe and know whether that particular neighborhood is for you. Meanwhile, a trustworthy real estate agent will also be of great help. With their knowledge and experience and your interests, you could be moving to The Peak. Or is Stanley more your style? All in all, each of those areas offers some amazing properties, views, and surroundings, all of which you could someday call home.

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