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What to Know Before You Buy Pendant Lights

Wish to spruce up your home’s interior style? Then good quality light fixtures can go a long way towards getting the job done, and pendant lights can be the right option to meet and exceed all your needs. Pendant lights are not just one of the most versatile types of lighting fixtures available, but with a bountiful number of choices within the category, pendant lights are the best way to bring in your design sensibilities to your home. Added to that, such fixtures can be suspended from the ceiling at any height as you wish and unlike certain fixtures won’t take up the table space as well as illuminates a room for a variety of uses. Essentially pendant lights are one of the best ways to bring a broad spectrum of light into your home environment. 


Have you ever wanted to illuminate your rooms with pendant lights but can’t find the right one? These are some of the tips to choose the right kind of pendant light for your home. 


Even though these modern lighting are of various styles, here are some major styles that you can consider and select one that befits your style. 


Traditional Pendant Lights 


Traditional pendant lights are characterised by its classy and ornate look. Ranging anywhere from rustic to antique to the farmhouse, traditional pendant lights feature more embellishments and detailings. 


Contemporary Pendant Lights 


Understated yet simple, contemporary pendant lights are distinctive with clean lines and a minimalistic look. 


Transitional Pendant Lights 


A fine-drawn combination of modern and traditional styles, transitional pendants allows you to mix elements that are peculiar to both styles for a personal touch. 


Types of Pendant Lights 


Mini Pendant Lights: As the name indicates, these are small-sized lamps which can be hung either as a standalone fixture or as clusters. 


Island Pendant Lights: They are identical to mini pendants, but typically have two or three light sources. 


Pendant Lights With Fabric Shade: Pendants with fabric shade enclosure add an opulent look to the traditional pendants. 


Multi-light Pendant Lights: This type of pendants provide ambient lighting with 3-10 lamps that hang from the same fixture. 


Inverted Pendant Lights: They give away ambient lighting. Ideal for living room lighting, dining room, and foyer. 


Materials of the Pendant Shade 


Wood and Bamboo Shade: These shades are ideal for a cottage style or country style home, and equally works well inside a cabin. 


Metal Shade: This material is best for spilling light around a space in a subtle way.


Glass Shade: Nothing beats glass when it comes to suspending pendants that make a bold, clear and exquisite statement. 


Fabric shade: This material is quite appealing and in contrast to the glass or metal alternatives create a much homier and softer look. 


Acrylic shade: This material has recently come back in a big way and is favoured by designers as a home decor item owing to the versatility of acrylic. 


Resin Shade: This material also has certain peculiar qualities that make it stand out from the much traditional ones such as brass and wood. Resin is malleable so that you can experiment with organic and quirky shapes. 


Rope Shades: Rope pendants look amazing in most of the spaces. They are weathered. 


Where to Hang Pendant Lights 


You can hang pendant lights in many different locations. You can use them either for task lighting, area lighting or general lighting. 


General Lighting: Using pendant lights to light up the majority of your living room, dining room or any other room count as general lighting. For that, simply hang pendant light in the centre of any main room. 


Area Lighting: Using pendant lights to light up just a part of a room. If you wish to illuminate the area near next to a bookshelf or over your sofa, then pendant lights can be used to do so. 


Task Lighting: Using pendant light to focus only on a single location, such as a table or a work desk, instead of illuminating a part of a room or an entire room, is task lighting. 


Pendant light fixtures are quite popular due to various reasons. They look stunning and are often the ideal fit for some types of spaces. If you wish to bring in pendant lights- either as standalone fixtures or as clusters for a particular space, then take your own time to evaluate your choices and choose the one that feels right for you.

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