5 Natural-Looking Color Wigs

Which Color Wigs Look the Most Natural?

There are countless color wigs available if you want to experiment with different hair colors. You can use wigs to conceal thinning hair or to try something new with your hair without the commitment.  

Regardless of the reasons, the options for natural-looking color wigs are virtually limitless. 

However, due to the wide variety of color wigs available on the market, choosing the most natural-looking wig tint for your skin tone can be confusing. 

Let’s clear up any confusion by reviewing Paula Young’s list of natural-looking, high-quality color wigs.

This Blog Includes:

  • How to choose the perfect wig color for you?
  • Heather Versafiber Wig – Royal Brown 
  • Dance WhisperLite Wig – Soft Pewter
  • Comfort Wig by Heart of Gold – Medium Golden Brown
  • Rowan WhisperLite CoolCap Wig – Platinum
  • Becky Lace Front Monofilament Wig – Swedish Blonde
  • Final Thoughts


How to choose the perfect wig color for you?

When you choose a wig color, you need to find a wig color that not only looks natural but also complements you and your style. There are many factors that influence which wig color will look the best on you, from skin tone to your natural hair color.

Allow us to explain what we mean.

When you select a wig color, consider your skin tone. Your skin tone tends to change color due to pigmentation, and fade with age. A hair color that compliments your skin tone or is just a little bit lighter will make your skin look more radiant, make you appear younger, and provide the most realistic results. 

Another factor to consider is your natural hair color. 

It’s likely that going for a blonde wig as an adult will suit you if you were blonde as a child. 

As a result, you can chose a wig color that is slightly lighter than your natural hair color. This is because your hair will naturally lighten as you age, particularly at the roots.

The result? Well it’s the most natural looking wig color on you, of course!


#1 Heather Versafiber Wig – Royal Brown 

Royal Brown Color Wigs

Royal Brown Color Wigs

The Royal Brown Heather Versafiber Wig by Paula Young® is a heat-friendly wig fabricated using kanekalon future fibers. It is one of the most natural-looking color wigs for natural brunettes you can find in the market. 

This wig comes pre-curled or waved and can be further heat-styled. You can heat style them up to 350°F using your favorite styling tools, and viola! You have a new hairstyle that will retain its gorgeous hairstyle even after a hair wash!

This stylish and straight, mid-length wig moves naturally so you will always look effortlessly stunning.

Smooth side layers elegantly curl in below the jawline, and the slightly notched bangs gently brush the brows for a sleek, contemporary look that perfectly frames the face. 

Apart from the Royal Brown, you can choose the Heather Versafiber wig from 28 different shades, including the lightest of blondes to the darkest of hair color. 

#2 Dance WhisperLite Wig – Soft Pewter

Soft Pewter Color Wigs

Soft Pewter Color Wigs

Soft Pewter color wigs are among the most popular wigs for mature women who will always remain young at heart. Furthermore, this synthetic wig requires little upkeep to keep its stunning look and feel. 

Along with the matching hair color comes the innovative, unique fiber. WhisperLite is an extremely fine fiber that is just half as wide as wig fibers in other synthetic wigs. 

These wigs look and feel incredibly natural, delicate, and soft. The baby-fine fibers won’t frizz or droop, no matter the weather. 

This short Dance WhisperLite wig is feminine, seductive, and available in many styles. Try this hassle-free wavy wig with razor-cut bangs and lush layers for an on-trend, fashionable look. 

Thanks to supreme lightweight comfort, onlookers won’t even be able to tell that you’re wearing a wig!

#3 Comfort Wig by Heart of Gold – Medium Golden Brown

Soft Pewter Color Wigs

Medium Golden Brown Color Wigs 

Wear gorgeous Medium Golden Brown color wigs from Comfort wig by Heart of Gold collection if you are suffering from medical hair loss. Wigs from this collection are exclusive to Paula Young that have been designed for maximum comfort and versatility.

Heart of Gold Wigs are created with a SofTouch, a thin, non-allergenic gel liner. This distinctive, proprietary material is one of our clients’ favorites because it keeps them cool and comfy while looking their best! 

The gel pads are strategically positioned at pressure points – at the nape, ears, and front for a snug and natural fit.

This is the most suitable wig design by Paula Young for hair loss to help women regain their confidence and self-esteem with comfort and a guaranteed natural look. 

This stunning medium brown color wig from Paula Young’s Heart of Gold line is a great place to start if you’re looking for colored wigs that will make you fall back in love with hairstyling!

#4 Rowan WhisperLite CoolCap Wig – Platinum

Platinum Color Wigs

Platinum Color Wigs

Rowan WhisperLite CoolCaps are designed for maximum comfort among many platinum color wigs. These wigs have an ultra-lightweight breathable cap and exclusive airy Whisperlite fiber to keep you cool and comfortable. 

Even in the hottest heat, you will feel cool and fresh thanks to the CoolCap structure, which allows air to travel away from the scalp. It’s the ideal wig for a beach or poolside scene that will also keep you warm all year during dreary cold months!

This breezy mid-length bob and face-framing layers with delicately flicked ends give it a ton of natural movement and rich texture. The side-parted front and fringe draw attention to the eyes, and the razor-finished layers give a salon-like finish. 

Permatease at the roots provides fullness and volume while still remaining lightweight. 

Little tiny details like the side parted fringe, face-framing layers and the permatease creates a natural look!

#5 Becky Lace Front Monofilament Wig – Swedish Blonde

Swedish Blonde Color Wigs

Swedish Blonde Color Wigs 

Becky Lacefront Monofilament Color wigs create the appearance of scalp-level natural hair growth. The curly layers in Swedish Blonde color with naturally darker roots create a realistic look that every woman dreams of! 

This trendy curly bob wig has bouncy, collar-length layers of delicately tousled spiral curls that make it so graceful and glamorous. The elegant, face-flattering silhouette is completed by the side-parted top and the curly front and sides. The natural hairline allows off-the-face style possibilities. 

Thin, breathable fabric with individually hand-tied fibers makes up the monofilament component, which gives the parting a natural appearance. So, part your hair your way and feel confident all day long! The extended neck provides more coverage at the nape of the neck, allowing you to tuck any stray hairs underneath easily.

Try it once, and you will know this is the most natural-looking color wig you can have in your wig collection. 

Final Thoughts

Pre-colored wigs are the best way to enjoy colored wigs because they make styling and wearing colored wigs simple. Once you’ve known which color wigs are best for your skin tone, it’s all about having great hair every day! 

At Paula Young, they offer the most diverse and on-trend wigs including VersaFiber wigs that are worth every penny! They have the best styles with virtually endless styling options to provide you with the most beautiful and high-quality wigs you can dream of.

Browse and shop Paula Young’s extensive collections of versatile and stylish wigs at the best prices to join the hair happiness wagon!

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