Get the Gift Card Grad Deserves for Graduation


As the graduation season approaches, this is the perfect time of year to reflect on the past year. It has always been a pleasure to see photos of graduation party celebrations for kids of all ages, which I have seen both in person and via digital means. There have been many instances where I have seen kids graduate from elementary school and go on to other higher-level schools. Moreover, I have also witnessed college graduates throw up their caps in celebration of graduation with even greater achievements after achieving even greater feats. Several of my peers last summer also earned graduate degrees and I hope to meet them at graduation this year. There can never be too old to attain something new!


1. Gift Cards Grads Deserve

At the beginning, it is necessary to decide which gift card will be given to card holders.


It may be helpful to you to check the following lists of gift cards that you might find useful for different types of graduations that you may be celebrating. There is no ideal gift card for every occasion, but I tried to think about the different types of activities, interests, and logistics that a graduate might have in mind when thinking about a gift card.

It may be helpful if you could ask for a quick and easy suggestion, such as one of the multi-store gift cards such as the Happy Grad gift card shown above, or the Happy Graduation gift card, which looks similar but has a slightly different selection of merchants that can be used.


2. Purchase a “Grad Deserves” Gift Card Holder


A number of different versions of this gift card holder can be found on my website. There are many ways for you to design flat cards for graduation, and most of them are fast, easy, and a great way for you to share them with your friends and family. There are some cases where folding gift cards work better if you want the gift card you purchase to remain in its packaging until it is redeemed – such as a Visa gift card, a gift card for multiple retailers that has to be switched or a PlayStation gift card that takes up a lot of space.

3. Create a Gift Card Holder

Having downloaded the .pdf document you wish to print, you will be required to print it as soon as you have completed the download of the card holder. The instructions above can easily be printed out at home by using your personal printer, however I often prefer to copy them at Staples instead of using my home printer just to save ink, as I generally don’t print my documents at home. The cost of printing a greeting card on a commercial printer is still, by and large, less expensive than printing one at home. I also like the fact that the colors are more vibrant on a commercial printer, and I have the choice to choose thicker card stock than I would on my home printer. If you do not own a printer or the supplies required to print these digital gift card, then you can print them yourself for free.


4. Dispose of the gift card holders

After you have cut the gift card holders from the card stock, the next step is to simply glue them inside the holders. In general, when I cut paper, I use a paper trimmer to keep straight lines, but if a paper trimmer is not available, you may use scissors instead. The process for making a flat holder is very simple if you own a trimmer that can cut paper. In my opinion, it would be easier to cut the folded holder with scissors rather than with any other tool…and to also take your time when cutting it. Make sure that you follow those guidelines when cutting it.


5. FLAT Gift Card Holder Finish

It takes only a few seconds to add a gift card to the flat holder, which is then printed and cut, and then you simply have to add the gift card to the holder. Depending on the method used to attach the gift card to the holder, it could be double-sided tape, decorative tape, or some other suitable means of ensuring that the card is attached without damaging the text or barcode on the back.


6. FOLDED Gift Card Holder Finish

In order to make it easier for you to deliver cards along with bulkier packaging such as the backer card or other cards, I created card envelopes. In the case of the Happy Cards for example, there are no physical cards involved. Upon receiving the e-gift card packaging, the recipients scan the card and then select a selection of electronic gift cards (or cards) of their choice before returning the e-gift card packaging. You can view the following image to see how that might look.

When you make a generous gift of a gift card that can be used in multiple stores, the recipient will receive the following information on the back of the packaging:

Within the packaging of this eGift card, you will find instructions that instruct the recipient how to switch it out for a regular physical card redeemable in one of the stores or restaurants of their choice. After the recipient opens the packaging, they will receive that card via e-mail.

So to create this card holder, you are going to make it by cutting out the shape of an envelope along the cut lines marked on the envelope. Below are pictures of the two designs after they have been cut:


7. Fold Gift Card Envelope

When dividing card stock into half-size sheets, one method I always use when doing the job is to start by scoring the fold lines with a bone folder, then mark them with a ruler before folding. By folding it this way, I am able to make sure that the long sheet of thick paper is folded just the way I want it to be. If you want to see how I do this, check out the YouTube video of detailed instructions: What Every Graduating Grad Wants for Graduation. Basically, you will score the envelope from corner to corner so that you have a rectangular shape.


After you have scored your fold lines, fold over the egift card holder and tape or glue the two pieces together so that they remain together. You may also add embellishments such as ribbon, decorative tape or other decorative elements if you wish.

It is one of the easiest things you will ever do in your life. If you have a gift card this year, you will find that any of the free printable card holder will make the perfect graduation gift, and even make them into something that can be cherished. It is my pleasure to present to you some images that you can use for your own design, or you are welcome to use the designs as templates for your own design. It’s up to you how you use them, so have fun!


Whether you run an ecommerce site or your business processes involve distributing loyalty or employee rewards, the checkout software you use has to allow you to offer your customers numerous, easy payment alternatives—and this simply means offering eGift cards to your customers. The platform you choose should be flexible enough to provide the right mix of strategic advantages and benefits for your business, and should be easy to use, so that you don’t have a hodge-podge of features that aren’t properly integrated. If this is the case, then perhaps your gift card options are being limited by the software in use.

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