How to Find a Job In Chennai

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu. Chennai is a land of opportunities and there are best jobs in Chennai. As a Fresher you might think your lack of experience is coming in the way of getting jobs in Chennai.

Working in Chennai is like working in one of the world’s technological centers. Tamil Nadu, the state whose industrial output is the third largest contribution to the Indian National GDP. Chennai is home to various large-scale Indian companies, as well as international companies. Chennai has a fairly diverse urban economy. Its main sectors are the software, financial services, the automobile, healthcare industries, as well as hardware manufacturing.

Applying for jobs is about selling yourself to a potential employer – why should they hire you over other applicants? Think about how you can be better than others. If you are looking for good offers, you can do courses with internships so that you can be familiar with industry exposure. 

Whether you are trying to find your first job after graduating from college or high school or you’re looking to change companies or progress in your career, it is necessary to know how to look for a job. However finding a new job may be a challenging task, there are different methods to find one effectively and efficiently.

Massive fall in Employment

Almost 121 million individuals in India lost their jobs in April, as per estimates from the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy. Almost 75% of them were small traders and wage-labor. 

Tamil Nadu was among the worst-hit States. The average employment reduced from 404 million throughout 2019-20 to 396 million in March 2020. During April it came down to 282 million (121 million estimated job losses).  Source code – The Hindu

Affected States

The chart shows unemployment against labor participation rate as of April 2020, across States. Tamil Nadu is the worst-hit with a very high unemployment rate.

Average New Jobs in Tamil Nadu

Now there are lots of job opportunities available in Chennai compared to other cities of Tamil Nadu. All that you require to do is match the eligibility criteria with your qualifications and skills as per your interest in the field. You can apply for IT Jobs, Non IT Jobs, BPO Jobs, Digital Marketing Jobs, etc. according to your interest.

Some ways that you can focus on to get more interview calls for jobs in Chennai :

  1. Build Impressive Resume – Make an impressive resume that is updated. Make sure that you have an updated resume which mentions your curricular activities, skills, achievements, and internship experience, and one that is in a good format ready to send when the opportunity does arise.
  2. Job portals –  List on all the major job portals – Job Vacancy  Result, Naukri, Timesjob, Naukri etc. This is a way people get interview calls. If you have not listed yourself on such portals, you may miss interview calls that you may get.
  3. Create LinkedIn Profile –  Create and update your LinkedIn Profile. Make your connections with your professors, alumni, companies so that your profile is more visible.
  4. Get in Touch – Get in touch with recruiters from your target city. Using LinkedIn, add and connect with recruiters.. You can then reach out to them for any job openings.
  5. Do Internship –  Internships are really very important these days. You can opt valuable skills, experience, and contacts relating directly to your preferred business and industry that will be extremely useful later.
  6. Apply to startup companies – The competition for entry-level jobs at smaller companies is usually much lower. The hands-on experience you can get working in a startup business is valuable – you could even find yourself with much more responsibility than you would get at a larger company.
  7. Research companies before applying for jobs – To really impress a potential employer, it’s important to show them that you have a genuine interest in the company. 

Whether it’s at the early stages of a job application or when you’re through to the interview stage, doing research about the job and business is sure to help you get a job. 

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